Thursday, 29 November 2012

Palestinian UN bid - under Britain's preconditioned wing

Whatever the outcome of the Palestinian UN bid today, we can take great comfort from the benevolent concerns of UK Foreign Secretary William Hague and Britain's long-standing efforts to help achieve a just resolution of the Palestine-Israel conflict.

The selfless manner in which our country countenances restraint from awkward Palestinian preconditions - like seeking to join the International Criminal Court - that would jeopardise Israel's sincere commitment to the peace process is nothing short of inspiring.
And when that liberating day of a two-state, free bantustanised West Bank/Gaza/East Jerusalem does finally arrive, with none of those messy removal of settlements or international war crime worries burdening Israel, we can look back and give thanks to Mr Hague and the UK for mediating heartfelt Israeli-US anxieties and keeping those pushy Palestinians on the straight and narrow.  
Sometimes I just feel so proud to be British.

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