Sunday, 17 March 2013

Free speech? How insulting

Here's an illuminating tale of state punishment creep from Bethan Tichborne who was convicted for saying that David Cameron "had blood on his hands".

Bethan, a teacher working with disabled children, was arrested, beaten by police and subsequently fined by District Judge Tim Pattinson after protesting the large number of people now dead as a result of the disability cuts enforced by Cameron and his government.

Judge Pattinson said her comments could "hardly be more insulting to anyone, whether a politician or not".

One can, of course, see the particular hurt, distress and career worry Mr Cameron must have felt over such insults. And how reassuring to have this judge's objective and impartial sentencing on such matters. To think of the whining ingratitude of people like Tichborne after all the cost-saving fatalities Mr Cameron and Mr Osborne (with the caring help of ATOS) have helped deliver for the country. Despite all those now dying through the loss of life-sustaining benefits, we just can't have these misguided protesters and other moaning malcontents going around besmirching the good name of our esteemed leaders.

It's rumoured that Tony Blair is greatly encouraged by the ruling and may now use it to sue the many millions who have caused him similar emotional upset and career embarrassment with their scandalous accusations that he's a liar, a money-making opportunist and a war criminal.


Michael Culver said...

All the so called judiciary of this country who have protected the criminals in power should be tried at Nuremberg .They do not represent the rule of law but the rule of the gun.

Michael Culver said...

Bliar, a lying oil thieving anal retentive narcissistic torturing racist and genocidal psychopath.Have I omitted any traits?