Thursday, 25 August 2011

Shocking conviction of Paul Donnachie

A truly disturbing guilty verdict has just been handed down in a Scottish court to a student whose only 'crime' was to mock an Israeli flag and vent his opposition to the state of Israel.

Paul Donnachie now awaits sentence for 'racially aggravated conduct'.

A statement condemning Sheriff MacNair's findings has been issued alongside a call to support Donnachie's appeal which is now underway.



Anonymous said...

next time somebody shoves their hands into their pants, rubs their genitals and then wipes it on the saltire, I'll forgive them for making a political statement. Paul deserved jail time for terrorising a student who had done absolutely nothing to him. Shocking behaviour, and all the more shocking that anyone could think of a reason to support his 'political' motives.

John Hilley said...

Mmmm... "terrorising", "shocking".

I wonder if you think these words also apply to what Israel does to Palestinians every day?

And if not, might it reasonably be considered shocking that you couldn't think of a reason to condemn their illegal occupation, systematic brutality and apartheid state?


Anonymous said...

The politics of Israel and Palestine are irrelevant to this matter, which was about a spiteful, pureile attack on an individual. What is shocking is that anyone could think that such attacks on individuals can be justified by political opinions. By such logic, racist attacks should not be punished becase the attackers are motivated by "legitimately held" views that ethnic minorities are inferior. I am glad that Donnachie was convicted and punished, so that other racist thugs cannot use that sort of defence. That sort of behaviour can NEVER be justified, under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Individual rights are more important than politics. NO POLITICAL ISSUES CAN EVER JUSTIFY SPITEFUL ATTACKS ON INDIVIDUALS