Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Megrahi's evidence - awkward potential

With the current volatile situation in Libya, speculation is mounting over the future of Abdelbaset al-Megrahi.

On Monday night (22 August 2011), Newsnight Scotland (which breaks off from the main Newsnight at around 11pm) included an interesting interview with John Ashton who has been engaged in co-authoring a book with Megrahi called You are my Jury.

Ashton was asked if he'd spoken recently with Megrahi and answered that, no, he hadn't made contact for about a year.  Noting his anxiety over what may happen to him, Ashton said that Megrahi is still adamant that all the facts around the case should come out.

Ashton says that Megrahi remains determined to have the truth made public given the sacrifice he had to make in dropping his right to appeal.   Ashton is firmly of the view that neither Megrahi or Libya had anything to do with the Lockerbie bombing.  He promises that all Megrahi's evidence and "an awful lot more" will come out in the forthcoming book. 

All of which suggests very awkward questions for some elites and intelligence agencies in the West.  Watch this space.


Email to Jeremy Paxman and Newsnight on their coverage of Libya.

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Charles said...

Ashton is quite right. Lockerbie was a plot the matters of which were designed by the CIA with a small walk on part for an Iranian designed to give Iran its one and one only revenge for IR655,kill the Iranian end of Iran-Contra and get the practically unelectable HW Bush into power