Sunday, 8 February 2009


This for no other reason than, in the midst of all our conflicts, it's pleasing just to share in MJB's sensuous, soulful appeal for a little love, a little coming together, a little peace in our lives.


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Anonymous said...

John and everyone else, here are the contact details for the Co-op and Scotmid, who we are asking to act upon their ethical trade policy and stop selling produce from Israel.

I would point out that because Israeli society over-whelmingly backs the illegal actions of its government, the argument about the adverse effect on ordinary Israeli citizens is redundant because they must face the consequences of their immoral actions.

There is no justification for the Co-op or Scotmid selling Israeli goods if they are true to their ethical trade policy, there are over 1,300 reasons in Gaza
alone why they shouldn't.

The Co-op;

Mr Gerard Hill
Scottish Co-op Board
87 Bath Street
G2 2EE


Scotmid Customer Services
Hillwood House
2 Harvest Drive
EH28 8QJ

As well as writing individual letters, which are more effective, you can get Boycott Israeli Goods postcards from the PSC at 020 7700 6192 to get friends and family to sign and send one each to the Co-op and Scotmid. Please remember though to put full name, full address and postcode, as well as signature, otherwise they won't be recorded.

Here on the Socialist Republic, we will easily send 100 cards, so if ten people reading this send ten each, then we've doubled the number without even trying. Keep up the pressure everyone.

Neil from Barra