Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Glasgow University occupied

Glasgow University students and activists have followed over 20 other UK universities in moving to occupation in support of the people of Gaza. A number of key demands have been issued by the group (your present blogger among them) from their 'liberated space' on the top floor of the Computing Science Department. On the critical target list is the University's links with BAE Systems and other major arms manufacturers.

You can follow all the issues, demands, pictures and developments here.

The occupation has been conducted in an excellent spirit of solidarity with suffering Palestinians. Besides applying pressure on the university authorities to support the humanitarian DEC Appeal and cancel the deal with Eden Springs water, we are seeking to highlight and terminate, in particular, the university's military-based contracts and research links, all of which are helping to perpetuate the terror on Gaza.

Please show your support for the action.


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Anonymous said...

John and everyone, here are some links to show support for the students.

Neil from Barra