Friday, 1 August 2008

Rewarding torturers: CACI's Scottish Census contract

It's very dispiriting to learn that the Scottish Government has awarded the contract for the 2011 Census to a firm with a proven record of facilitating torture and abuse in Abu Ghraib.

One can only hope that a Government with a clearly stated position of opposing the Iraq war and professing ethical policies will seriously reconsider their decision. Parliamentary claims of cost-effectiveness and reassurances of data protection from CACI mean nothing against the truth of this firm's involvement in such abuse. Try rationalising those kind of things to the families of dead and tortured Iraqis.

Iraq is the most privatised war in history and it's incumbent upon any progressive legislature to ensure that the corporate beneficiaries of such slaughter are openy denounced and denied further business.

Please sign this petition urging the Scottish Government to end this shameful contract.



Julia Riber Pitt said...

How is it that any civilized people could allow inhumane torture take place inside their prisons? It's sickening. Anyone who conducts in torture should be arrested, in my opinion.

joe90 kane said...

The recently formed Scottish-Islamic Foundation has sent a letter to the Scottish Government about this.

Here it is -
Concern at census award to company involved in Abu Ghraib
Latest News
Scottish-Islamic Foundation
06 Aug 2008

All the best Zp!

Richard said...

The online petition referred to in the original post is no longer available. There is a new petition at Please sign up