Sunday, 27 July 2008

Khalil and Linda: Israel denying medical aid to Gaza

Another frustrating day at the Rafah crossing point to Gaza for Khalil and Linda as they wait to hear if the aid van they've driven all the way from Edinburgh will be allowed through.

The cruel siege and suffering inflicted on the people of Gaza has not been seriously abated by the ceasefire. Meanwhile, a nearby hospital waits desperately for delivery of these essential medical supplies.

And it begs these most obvious of compassionate questions (answers below):

How can Israel, in refusing delivery of such basic humanitarian items, call itself a civilised state?

Why is Egypt conniving in this cruelty?

Why is the British government doing or saying nothing in critical response?

Why aren't the mainstream media, notably the BBC, reporting this as another crime against humanity?


Because it's not civilised, it's a ruthless, apartheid state.

Because, as a client state of the US, it's beholden to Tel Aviv's dictat.

Because, as Mr Brown intimated to the Knesset last week, Britain will continue to back Israel unremittingly in its punishing actions.

Because, as Helen Boaden and her co-directors maintain, the BBC must always remain "impartial" - which, as has repeatedly been shown, means ignoring such stories.

The noun "a career of villians" comes to mind.


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