Thursday, 3 December 2015

Once more to insane, corporate-loving war - UK is a failed state

So, here 'we' go again. More bombing, murder and misery. Once more to useless war and slaughter under the imprimatur of 'noble Britannia'. A dark and shameful night in the 'mother of parliaments', where the fate of so many innocents have been signed-off by so many obedient members in thrall to the war agenda.  

The words of SNP MP Mhairi Black provide a suitable record to the chilling occasion: 
Very dark night in parliament. Will never forget the noise of some Labour and Tory cheering together at the idea of bombs falling #SyriaVote 
In supporting Cameron's motion for war, Hilary Benn was cheered to the rafters by a motley assembly of Tories and Lab/Lib collaborators. A sickening moment. 

In proclaiming 'our socialist internationalism' and 'past resistance to fascism' as analogous to 'the fight against Isis', Benn's speech will go down in history as one of the greatest ever pieces of political distortion.

How readily a swooning BBC and their 'impartial' journalists have loved and lauded Benn's 'remarkable' performance. The Guardian have given it almost consecrated status. But no amount of impassioned rhetoric can disguise its reactionary content. All the finest oratory in the world cannot make respectable a speech in favour of mass killing. Every line proclaiming concern for suffering Syrians, the need to defeat Daesh, and to 'defend our way of life' reeks of deceit and hypocrisy. How truly telling to watch. How more revealing to observe the adulation.

As Media Lens assert: 
Hilary Benn is the new neocon poster boy. The way to the media's heart is always to stand for the left but act for the right, as Blair did.
To those who say, 'I disagree with him, but respect and admire his powerful conviction', there's nothing respectful or upstanding about blatant warmongering. Jeremy Corbyn may have looked beaten and demoralised as the vote was cast. But he stands as a moral giant in contrast to Benn and his shameful cabal

To all the pro-bombers, in that 'ennobled' parliament and across our slavish media, remember this: more innocents will now die in Syria, while other innocents will surely be lost on our home streets. When it happens, don't say you didn't know.

Media Lens: 'Our' military power is so photogenic.
Doesn't this just make you want to 'love' it?
@BBCNews #Syria #Propaganda
And all for what? To maintain Britain's 'top-gun status', its 'elevated' place as a 'world player'? Such is the conceit of 'our' righteous rush to wage 'moral war', to intervene 'on behalf' of those already suffering the consequences of Britain's criminal part in destabilising Syria and bringing chaos to the region.

How the merchants of death, the war profiteers, must have been cheering on Cameron, Benn and their tawdry accomplices. What profit-tingling emotion for those "Western firms primed to cash in on Syria’s oil and gas ‘frontier’".  And for BAE Systems, MDBA and Airbus, producers of "Brimstone precision missiles", it most surely is Bombs away - Ker-ching £££££.

And so, as the first 'airstrikes' commence, as the empire embarks upon another blood-spilling assertion of its 'moral authority', we must all now fall into dutiful line behind this 'difficult military task'. Whatever the political divisions, those parliamentary schisms, the principle of 'our good intent' must be held sacrosanct.

If the label 'Islamic state' can be deemed a desecration of Islam and false claim to ideological 'sovereignty', how less reasonable to call Britain a relentlessly war-addicted entity, a failed state, as it embarks upon yet another ideological campaign of violence in the name of 'conscientious intervention'?

Please read this tremendous piece from Wee Ginger Dug:
In the land of the mad the sane are crazy 

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