Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Prince Harry feels no shame, but still keeps hush on the Royal Scam

So, the big 'confession' is finally out.

As part of his AIDS-awareness campaign, Prince Harry has just divulged his very own #FeelNoShame truth: he gets "incredibly anxious" before speaking in public.

A fairly human admission, if hardly devastating revelation.

Maybe we were expecting some kind of esoteric secret about the royal lineage, outpouring on the establishment's treatment of his mother, or Harry's own penchant for fascist attire.

Some might even have anticipated a certain shameful remorse for his particular part in the murderous calamity of Afghanistan. Or an expression of rebellious shame over his family's mass wealth while so many others sacrifice their dignity in succumbing to food banks.

Still, doesn't this kind of selfless act just confirm the deep-down-decency of our good-cause-patronising royals?

Shouldn't we undeserving subjects just grovel in gratitude at the humble transparency of our modernist princes?

And what all-encompassing fun as those royal-friendly celebs join in the great 'bare-a-secret'.

In lieu of any more enticing beans being spilled about Liz, Phil, Charlie, Andy, Harry and their extensive circle of privilege, here's a #FeelNoShame truth that will never see the media light of day or get mentioned in BBC royal correspondent Nick Robinson's gushing gaze: that the Windsor outfit is really a conniving consortium, continuously and covertly engaged in, to borrow that fine Steely Dan song title, a quite brilliant Royal Scam.

I recall reading, some years ago, a bunch of underworld gangsters talking candidly about how much they admired the Royals for managing to pull off this enormous confidence trick. Fine palaces, rolling estates, civil lists (elite payrolls), royal yachts, tax exemptions, junkets to hang out with Middle East dictators, the adulating masses swaying in dutiful appreciation over their weddings, anniversaries and newly-arrived offspring.

It's also sobering to think how the media get the populace to vent their hatred upon 'benefit scroungers' while our feudal few live shamelessly in the lap of luxury for doing nothing socially useful.

What a fix. Just how do they manage to carry it all off? Relentless BBC fawning certainly helps.

And Harry's latest charity-promoting 'admission' seems to add even more perfect populist cover to the sting.

Sometimes you really have to applaud the sheer scale of the con, wonder whether they'll one day get rumbled, hold their hands up to the racket or ever come to #FeelSomeRealShame. As likely, I'd say, as Prince Charles ever admitting to his eco-hypocrisy.

To invoke the Dan's great lyrics:

See the glory,
See the glory
Of the Royal Scam

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