Monday, 13 October 2014

'We are their hope'. Great resolve at Glasgow rally for Independence

An inspiring turnout, fine speeches and a resilient desire for the compassionate, independent society.

Yesterday's Hope Over Fear gathering in Glasgow's George Square heard wonderful, people-centred statements from actors Martin Compston, Keira Lucchesi and Paul Brannigan, Loaves and Fishes foodbank organiser Denis Curran, ex-UK ambassador Craig Murray, Unison's Brian Smith, activist Tommy Sheridan, disabled 'climber for Indy' Lindsay Jarrett, SNP councillor David Baird and multiple others across the grassroots Yes movement.

There was also a stirring array of musical sets from Dorec-a-belle, Indy Girls and many other Yes artistes. 

But for her beautiful defence of the poor, and passionate pursuit of a just independence, I'd like to highlight a particular articulation from the young Yes campaigner Mhairi Black.

Those atop the Glasgow tourist buses might have been transfixed by the sea of saltires - and the daring St Andrew-crossed spiderman up on Walter Scott's ugly monument. But, as Mhairi and the communal mood of those assembled helped confirm, the real expression here was not one of stone cold nationalism, but of warm humanity.     

And that's the real beauty of this rising Yes movement. It's engagingly inclusive and leftfield, infused with an overwhelming desire for progressive social change. Alongside Mhairi, almost every speaker prioritised this basic, burning demand for economic justice, real political rights and, with amplified voice, a resounding rejection of Labour's betrayal politics.

After all the pain of 19 September, we can take great encouragement from this vibrant Yes energy and the great new-generational voices for Indy.

For all those still crushed by that vote, particularly those facing another seemingly hopeless winter of ConDem austerity and Labourite abandonment, there's Mhairi Black's assuring words (taken from her mum) to hold on to: 'we are their hope'.


Beautiful Sakura said...

Hi John

nice to see a rare Appearance from you over at Craig's...

Great piece here thank you.

" Those atop the Glasgow tourist buses might have been transfixed by the sea of saltires - and the daring St Andrew-crossed spiderman up on Walter Scott's ugly monument. But, as Mhairi and the communal mood of those assembled helped confirm, the real expression here was not one of stone cold nationalism, but of warm humanity."

great minds think alike ( i wish ) but i was thinking the same thing when the tourist buses went by..some of them stopped for a strangely long time

Have you seen this crap from Kate Bush Wannabe... insulting bitch -

singer Annie Lennox is urging her fellow Scots to “grow up” and stop hating the English.

The Irish Independent quotes the pop singer, “I’d like to see the Scots put their hatred of the English aside and grow up just a little bit.”

Thank you for the Video..and this piece John :)

John Hilley said...

Thanks for your comments, mountainvoyager. Yes, it's frustrating to see this kind of misguided comment from those alleging 'hatred' of English people. As so many of that wonderfullly humane crowd would testify, the only animosity was/is towards Westminster and the political-corporate establishment, certainly not 'the English' or any other people.

A kind wee word, if I may, re AL. It's always best that we refrain from using personal insults against those we oppose:)

All the best