Friday, 21 June 2013

Gross miscalculation of Iraq deaths - graphically shown

Check out this brilliantly-produced infographic detailing the appalling lack of public knowledge over the extent of Iraq war fatalities. Click here to enlarge.

My complaint enquiry to the BBC over this issue has now been raised to a 'stage 2' level.

As part of that request, I have noted this key poll research in my letter to BBC complaints assessor Fran Unsworth:

Since my original request, the results of a significant poll have been published showing that the general public have been very poorly informed as to the extent of war-related fatalities in Iraq:
A key reason for this must surely be the media's failure to present that core information to the public. As a leading news organisation, supposedly dedicated to the provision of wide and balanced information, the BBC must take a considerable level of responsibility for that failure.

I wish to offer this poll evidence in support of my above-noted request for an explanation as to why the BBC has favoured the IBC data and how that decision was arrived at.

I look forward to hearing your considered thoughts.

Kind regards
John Hilley
The BBC are as likely to uphold my complaint as going headline with these damning poll findings or starting to detail the true level of war-related deaths in Iraq.

But it's vital that their compliance in this great deceit continues to be exposed and challenged.

Following Media Lens's fine efforts, see, in this respect, Joe Emersberger's valiant attempts to debate a BBC correspondent over the ComRes poll findings.


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