Thursday, 28 June 2012

Stand up for Assange

Isn't it all just so very on-cue to see Julian Assange being roundly vilified by twittering liberals?

The cheap-cheep ridiculing of Assange tells us all we need to know about the real conformity of our media class.

Here's a man who has risked his very liberty to tell the world about the West's dirtiest secrets, to provide that most vital of humanitarian services in exposing the powerful and their criminal acts.

Yet, despite his desperate predicament, all we hear is a chorus of sneering jibes and personal abuse from our media illuminati.   

What poverty of intellect to see this gloating spectacle of the liberal vigilante.

Presumably, they'd be happy to see him banged-up alongside Bradley Manning, a man who has been tortured and held incommunicado for daring to whistleblow America's vast war crimes and gross violations of human rights.

And, as those Guardian and other tweeting journos surely understand, that's the true point of Assange's plea for political asylum: a last-lifeline avoidance of the Swedish-assisted plan to see him extradited to the US.

The latest Media Lens alert piece provides a quite brilliant collection and indictment of the "comedic sludge".

Read it and consider just what kind of key service the Guardian and other supine 'journalists' play in neutering true dissent.

As the depressing vacuity of their 'analysis' shows, so many of our 'vanguard' writers would rather giggle in puerile one-liners than partake in assertive defence of a serious dissident; a jokery of liberal 'stand-ups' unwilling to stand up for those engaged in real radical work.


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