Thursday, 7 October 2010

Media Lens on the Obama cave-in letter

Media Lens have just published a most illuminating Alert on the BBC's and wider media's 'oversight' of the Obama cave-in letter offering Netanyahu a wish-list of 'peace talk' guarantees.

The leaked letter is further confirmation of Washington's 'honest broker' posture and Israel's determination not to relinquish an inch of occupied land.

A short letter on the matter to the BBC's chief Middle East correspondent, Jeremy Bowen:
Dear Jeremy

Beyond your cursory reply to Media Lens, I wonder if you might address more fully the BBC's disturbing failure to report the letter sent by President Obama to Mr Netanyahu detailing his inducements for an extension of the settlement freeze.

Don't you agree that its disclosure paints a damning picture of Washington's carefully-constructed role as "honest broker"?

Doesn't its omission also bring the BBC's own claims to honest and balanced reporting into serious disrepute?

Appropriate BBC coverage of Obama's offers and Netanyahu's outright rejection of them would help call into question the accepted narrative of America and Israel as bona fide peace seekers.

Can you see how proper journalistic illumination of this letter to the viewing public would help contextualise the real power relations and hidden agenda behind the current 'peace talks'?

Why do we have to rely on journalists like Jonathan Cook to convey such crucial details and assessment?

And, please, might you explain why this vital piece of information cannot be covered by the BBC just because you are on another assignment in Lebanon?

Aside from the apparently selective omission of such key evidence, what does this tell us about the BBC's position as a 'leading international news outlet'?


John Hilley

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