Thursday, 30 July 2009


Trippy light shot the startled sky
Cobalt blue with amber shimmers
Shy streets became passion-party flower beds
Frantic trees swayed and fainted
Gloomy clouds played soulful jazzy rain
Quite unlike most moody cirrus
Giggling policemen passed out love-laced mango juice
To salsa-dancin' rabbits

Traffic lights flirted, fluttered and blushed
Alpha cars shrugged and fell asleep
Sweet nurses covering them in snazzy-tailored horse blankets
Laughing tramps gave out origami-folded tenners
To sixteen-inch bankers in pink pyjama suits
Big Issue man rolled tyre-sized pound coins
Down a plush green CCTV-lined boulevard
Into the salivating mouths of three-and-a-half Alan Sugars

Sincere celebrity saw it all
And cried real velvet tears on the morning news
News of her tears spread to the evening news
Agitated computer screens took the huff and went swimming
Mass laptop shoal was reported off nihilistic coast
News got cancelled
Postboxes blew ginger-smelling bubbles
In mock celebration

Mobiles melted to monkey-shaped chocolate bars
Slushy icecaps re-frosted into post-stressed loners
A bored wall put on lipstick and ran away
To find a better life as a path
Ad hoardings broke down and begged for counselling
Politicians all stood naked in the square
Except for gigantic spinning sunglasses
And deluxe-brand nappies

A banana and a melon fell in love
Macho cars woke from their snoozes
Yawned, stretched and took a long walk in the park
Holding hands with the traffic lights
Newsman named a dead Afghan
Butterflies returned from vacation
Curious bell rang again
Clock went 7:37

Man awoke
Considered the realities
The unrealities
And possibilities of the day
For wasn't it a morning
To smile at fantasia
Walk through the triplight
And do something outstanding


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