Friday, 14 March 2014

RIP the great socialist and humanitarian Tony Benn

I read with deep sadness today the news of Tony Benn's passing.

He was a hugely inspirational figure, a man of immense political morality, humanity and compassion who, till his dying day, fought for ordinary people, resisted establishment incorporation and campaigned tirelessy against imperialist wars.

In a memorable act of humanitarian defiance, Benn appeared on the BBC and read out the address for a DEC Gaza Appeal, after the BBC had refused to broadcast it.

As he bravely stated: "People will die because of the BBC decision."

Much more can be said about his admirable actions, from defending Palestinians to rejecting the sham of New Labour.

One of his most admirable traits was never to engage in cheap politics, always focusing on the issues rather than crude personalisation. 

In a world where people are understandably cynical about the 'political process', some say that his style of radical politics was of another time.

But the kind of compassionate politics Tony Benn championed lives enduringly on, secured, in very large part, by his spirited concern always to put people before profits, peace before warmongering, honesty before spin.
In one of his last, moving interviews, he reaffirmed that, from the pursuit of a just politics to the pursuit of inner happiness, you should 'always say what you mean, and mean what you say'.

RIP Tony Benn



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ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

But the kind of compassionate politics Tony Benn championed lives enduringly on, secured in very large part by his spirited concern always to put people before profits, peace before warmongering, honesty before spin.

We could use some of that over here in the U.S. A whole lot of it, in fact.