Monday, 9 September 2013

Roll up to the great UK arms fair - shop so they drop

Isn't it all so very typical, so very British?

Amid resounding opposition to more murderous weaponry being deployed in Syria, London is this week hosting another leading international arms bazaar.

Well, business must continue. And there's no more willing trader and helpful organiser than the UK.

With multiple 'theatres' of warfare to promote and exploit, just think of all that amazing new hardware sitting on the shelves, all that lovely profit to be made, all the friends and enemies waiting to be supplied.

The DSEi - Defence Security and Equipment International - event offers a phantasmagorical display of sleek weaponry and killing consultancy for visiting dictators, strutting generals and corporate gun-runners.

Or, as its more carefully marketised webpage announces:
DSEI provides the opportunity for companies to display their full capabilities at a single exhibition and provides the ideal platform to network, exchange ideas and showcase products and services:
The leading global and defence and security exhibition
Every major defence and security market represented
A senior audience of over 28,000 senior level decision makers
Global media coverage and PR opportunities
Live demonstrations, seminars and briefings
NEW enhanced VIP and delegations programme
Strong international partnerships offer
35 + country pavilions
Dedicated capability focus areas
Unbeatable networking opportunities
Perfect platform to launch products

Yes, indeed, what enticing shopping!

Just the place to catch-up on the latest wipe-out ballistics, spook surveillance and advanced torture technologies.


Why not get along, or even drop-in, if at all possible, to check-out the goods and visitors?


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