Thursday, 18 October 2012

In praise of Miko Peled - Israeli general's son denounces Israel


Please, if you can, find the time to watch this outstanding video of Miko Peled, son of late Israeli general Matti Peled, speaking with great courage and insight on the ethnic cleansing and other murderous crimes committed by 'his country'.

Quite admirably, for someone who has served in the Israeli army and whose father was a leading figure in it, he directly calls that army "terrorists".

I also commend the brave response of Peled and others in his family to the killing of his niece in 1997. What wonderful compassion and understanding of the core causes.

Peled is particularly adept in explaining the inbuilt Zionist refusal ever to return what Israel has taken, thus nailing the utter fiction of any two state solution.

He also gives a clear account of how Netanyahu is using Iran as a fearmongering diversion from the issue of Palestine.

I hope
Miko Peled's highly educational and moral message gets spread widely, particularly amongst the Jewish community.



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