Friday, 10 February 2012

Harry's Apache adventures

Congratulatory newstones from the BBC over Prince Harry's passing-out as a fully-trained Apache helicopter pilot.

In another dutiful piece of royal-adoring hackery, devoid, as usual, of any counter-comment, we read that:
"Prince Harry - known to his fellow soldiers as Captain Wales - will now gain more experience of flying Apaches with 662 Squadron, 3 Regiment Army Air Corps.   
Apaches, designed to hunt and destroy tanks, are used in Afghanistan and were deployed in Libya last year.  
During the dinner at Wattisham army base, Apache Force Commander Col Neale Moss congratulated the new pilots, describing the training as "extremely challenging". 
"They are assessed continually to ensure that they are up to the challenge of operating one of the most sophisticated attack helicopters in the world," he said of the graduates. "This requires composure, dedication and hard work." "
Not a word from the BBC, of course, on the true purpose of these and other such killing machines.  No mention of the people who will die agonisingly in Afghanistan and elsewhere as Harry and his friends take-off on their imperialist adventures. All part of the insidious culture of militarism played out and fetishised by our 'balanced' BBC.

Here's another 'cool' gaze inside the Apache from the BBC, with smiling boasts from its eager pilots.

And to think they named this piece of demonic metal after such a proud and decimated people.

As Chomsky commented following Operation Geronimo (Obama's illegal execution of Bin Laden):
"Choice of the name is reminiscent of the ease with which we name our murder weapons after victims of our crimes."


Felicity Arbuthnot said...

I have a particular place in what remains of my heart for Prince Harry. A few of my thoughts are here:

I have many more.

Kind wishes, felicity a.

John Hilley said...

Thanks Felicity. A valuable analysis of the warmongering mind and, as you say, confirmation "as to how successful the military has become at dehumanizing a frightening amount of people".

Best wishes,