Monday, 23 January 2012

BBC: travelling in the West Bank

"John McCarthy looks at travelling in East Jerusalem and the West Bank."

A rare and welcome discussion of life in the West Bank from Radio 4's Excess Baggage. It doesn't deal in a direct political sense with Israel's brutalities, but there's a lot of great insights, very sympathetically hosted by McCarthy, looking at the rich and welcoming nature of the society and the daily problems for Palestinians under occupation - notably in Hebron.

Expect a flood of complaints from irate Zionists.

Thanks to Hugh Humphries at Scottish Friends of Palestine for flagging this.

Hugh also notes:

"The one aspect of travel in the West Bank not explored by the programme, is access to the West Bank. If recent experience is anything to go by, a traveller boldly stating that he/she intends to travel to Palestine has a greater chance of being refused than given the right of free passage. Consider taking up this point with the BBC and the programme's editor."


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