Friday, 25 November 2011

Political and media vultures circling Iran

Think the charge of Iran's 'nuclear weaponisation' is now beyond doubt? Think the latest IAEA report is untainted? Think the BBC is telling the whole story? Think again.

As Israel, the US and their Western accomplices extend the propaganda offensive, here's the latest Media Lens Alert, 'They Found Nothing. Nothing', revealing just how complicit our media are in demonising Iran in preparation for another murderous 'intervention'.

Also, for the record, my letter on the ML article to the BBC's Iran correspondent James Reynolds:
Dear James Reynolds

In their current Alert, the Media Lens Editors have drawn your attention to crucial objections from notable figures on claims that Iran is actively constructing a nuclear weapon.

They also offer definitive evidence showing that "Yukiya Amano, the IAEA director general, is ‘solidly in the U.S. court on every key strategic decision’."

This is key information and context that any average viewer would reasonably wish to know about.

Given all the criminal distortions peddled over Iraq and the disastrous conflagration likely to ensue from any attack on Iran, one might think that more 'vigilant' journalists would want to be much more certain about the authenticity of Iran's 'weaponisation' programme.

One would also think that 'specialist' correspondents like yourself would be only too aware of informed people like Robert Kelley warning of flawed intelligence and the politicised nature of the current IAEA report.

At the very least, any serious and balanced coverage would include such voices in their output.

Instead, when fairly questioned by Media Lens on these gross omissions, we have these replies:

"thanks for your message. I appreciate your comments and insight."

"I received your message - thanks. I shall reflect on the points you raise. It is always important for me to hear from licence-fee payers - the lifeblood of the BBC."

"points noted."

Such evasion could be safely considered patronising and dismissive - the standard replies received by many other courteous, critical enquirers. But there also lurks the more distinct possibility that you know your 'journalism' has been blatantly exposed.

In failing to offer even the merest explanation or argument, one can only conclude that you fear risking even greater exposure of your journalistic shallowness, your safe BBC compliance, or both.

If not, why don't you simply answer the Editors' questions as well as "appreciate" and "reflect" on them?

Kind regards
John Hilley
Observers of the gathering plot to 'pick-off' Iran should also be keeping tabs on damning new evidence exposing the dark activities of recently-appointed UK ambassador to Israel Matthew Gould, ex-Defence Minister Liam Fox and his adviser in subterfuge Adam Werritty.

Undisclosed meetings with Mossad, liaisons with neo-con forces, 'unofficial' UK briefings in preparing to attack Iran: read and learn of the British state's deep pro-Israel agenda and its part in plotting more appalling misery in the Middle East.


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