Thursday, 16 June 2011

Young American Jew beaten and arrested in Jerusalem

Nineteen-year-old Lucas Koerner, an American Jew, was violently arrested during 'Jerusalem Day' for speaking his mind about Israel's illegal occupation and the key complicit role of his own government in maintaining Palestinian suffering.  

Following his release from custody, Lucas gave an insightful interview relating some of the visceral abuse he received and the discriminatory conditions he witnessed in jail:
"Throughout the whole affair, the only thing audible coming from the policemen was a constant stream of curses words, ‘mother####er,’ ‘piece of shit,’ etc., which was to me a ringing confirmation of how infuriated and threatened they were by a 19-year-old wearing a kippah and a keffiyeh standing with the Palestinians.

"What struck me most about my time in prison is that it is a reflection of the rest of Israeli society in that it’s completely segregated. I was placed against my will in the Jewish cell. I asked to be put in the Arab cell. The Jewish cell conditions weren’t bad at all; it was still jail, but it was bearable. I did see the Arab cell or at least one of the Arab cells and the conditions there were absolutely abominable. … We had furniture, we had beds of some sort, we had a clean bathroom. They had nothing. Just a bench and an open toilet. The conditions were horrible. That’s what struck me most." 
It's a graphic picture of truth for all the world to see.  The state of Israel - that 'great democracy' - in all its intolerant and colours.

But it's also a statement of common humanity and hope, with Jews of good conscience speaking up for the occupied and oppressed, saying clearly: not in our name.

Great credit to this brave and moral young man.



Anonymous said...

What a moron. A 19 year old baby who thinks he knows more than an entire country.

Anonymous said...

blog owner will never allow negative comments because he/she is a coward.

John Hilley said...

The necessary point of moderation, sometimes delayed, is to prevent abusive remarks and spam. These 'comments' have been permitted. I's a pity there's no coherent argument to match them - or a real name to show how 'courageous' the writer is in posting them.

Repeated admirations for this young man who showed personal heroism and intellect, notably an understanding that the apartheid state he protested against doesn't speak for him or many other Jews.