Friday, 15 October 2010


In support of this year's international blog day theme

Wonderful, this primal substance
arbiter of life and death
Affluent planet, parched for poorest
Taps and flows in private hands
Thieves have come, the well is stolen
Freedom's thirst remains unquenched
Egregious nature, flooded pastures
Indifference and damned neglect
Rising oceans, tides approaching
Age of stupid, sinking sense


Right to water


mrs green @ myzerowaste said...

Hello John, I just wanted to come and say Hi from a fellow UK Blog action day blogger! Love your acrostic poem; it's such an original way to highlight the issue of water.
Have a wonderful day!

Mrs Green @myzerowaste

John Hilley said...

Hi Mrs Green

Many thanks for your kind words. I had a look at your own site - eco-inspiring! I must try harder at home!

Have a great, green day.


Elena said...

Thanks for this post!
Please read and share my post about Water's footprint in Fashion

John Hilley said...

Hi Elena

Thanks for the message and link to your blog piece which I found highly informative. How easily we shop and consume without thinking of the staggering resources and waste involved.