Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Arab Media Watch study: request for response from BBC

A letter to the Director of BBC News.


17 June 2009

Dear Helen Boaden,

Arab Media Watch has just published a damning study of BBC and Al-Jazeera reporting of the Palestine-Israel issue.

It stands in direct contradiction of BBC claims to impartiality, objectiviy and even-handedness.

The report's findings reveal systematic use of Israeli sources, comment and pictures, while excluding or minimising those of Palestinian origin.

The study offers consistent illustrations of the BBC violating its own stated charter.

As noted:

“The absence of Palestinian sources and viewpoints, and the predominance of those from the Israeli side, go against the editorial guidelines of both broadcasters.”

It also also provides clear evidence of distorted context in presenting Israeli aggression as “responsive” action:

“Both broadcasters used words that unequivocally portrayed Israeli violence as a direct response to Palestinian violence.”

This report, confirming in detail the alarming extent of BBC bias, merits close inspection by the Director of BBC News.

I await your considered response with interest.

Yours sincerely

John Hilley


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